Re-Upholstery Service for the Brooklyn, NY, Area

Give your home new life with re-upholstery services from our design team. Using the best quality fabrics and materials, we offer re-upholstery for existing furniture, heirlooms, and new furniture. All services are tailored to you and your exact wants and needs, and all upholstery is done by hand.

As a green, eco-friendly company, we are proud to offer sustainable fabrics. Instead of throwing out old fabrics and materials, we simply renovate the products to make them new again.


Sometimes the difference between old furniture and classic furniture is a fabric change. Reupholstering older furniture can be the difference between ‘The Brady Bunch’ embarrassing and mid-century modern. Sav-Mor takes pride our ability to change the life of your living space with creative solutions.

Sustainable Fabrics
With your many options in organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and linen, you are in no short supply of options. Contact us today to get new furniture with re-upholstery.
Contact our interior design team at (718) 448-2739 to learn more about our shop-at-home services