Customer Testimonials for Staten Island, NY

Guys working on new Custom Re-Upholstery, Staten Island, NY


"Sav Mor Interiors is a remarkable business! They completely transformed my antique furniture into a beautiful piece again. Marvelous work !"


"Excellent design service. I wouldnt go anywhere else!"


"I had my sofa and love seat reupholstered at SavMor about a year ago, the service was excellent and they had a wonderful showroom were I was able to select a beautiful fabric to cordinate with my living room decor. I recomment them to anyone!"


"We had a lovely old chair and it was really beat up and we were going to throw it out but I learned about this repair shop for furniture and went there and my chair was reupholstered and made to look new again to provide years more service. They worked nicely to ensure the color was perfect and material choices are abundant. Prices are fair"